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Donna Marie is a return favorite for many festivals due to her ability to artfully deliver an original story, add her beautiful singing, and provide delightful engagement with audiences of all ages. A professional performer since age sixteen, she also knows how to meet a producer’s expectations. She selects stories that match your audience from her vast repertoire, keeps her stories inside the time-frame your schedule requires, and works and plays well with others.



“She’s not just a storyteller.
She’s a movie projector!”
Michael Reno-Harrell, Storyteller, Songwriter

“A gifted storyteller whose stories flow with imagery, humor, emotion, and truth.”
Connie Regan-Blake, Award-winning, NSN Circle of Excellence Storyteller

“When Donna Marie was the featured storyteller at the International Festival Gathering her performances were fantastic – full of humor, pathos, whimsy and beautiful singing and storytelling.”
Carole Danby, Brisbane, Australia

“She takes possession of her performance space with great use of voice and body. When she sings, her voice soars up, taking your heart with it. Her use of body is remarkable.

She writes her own pieces, touching the heart and making you laugh, and laugh, and laugh some more. And she can scare you to death!”
Storyteller Gwenda Ledbetter, NSN Lifetime Achievement Award Winner,
WLOS TV’s  Story Lady