Donna-Marie-Todd-4Donna Marie is an easy-going  professional with over 30 years of collaborative presentation experience. All retreats, workshops and conference programming are designed to fit your audience’s expectations, your overall themes and necessary time frames, both in the planning and presentation stages. Contact her to learn more about her approach to workshops, retreats and residencies. To see what others say about working with her, click here.

Let laughter and song fill your festival when Donna Marie takes the stage! Her stories range in length from 3 minutes to 25 minutes and she has selections to please any audience.


There’s nothing like one of Donna Marie’s Story Concerts. It’s a show unlike any other! Stories, laughter, banter and song – how can you beat that? These original story concerts (ranging from 20 to 90 minutes) feature inspiring stories and soaring song.
“Donna Marie’s great storyteller voice projects and portrays emotions. She holds an audience in the palm of her hand.”
― Bob Hinkle, White Horse Event Center

Spend the weekend with Donna Marie! Begin your weekend with an amazing 90 minute Story Concert on Friday night, followed by a either a retreat she’ll design for your theme or her nationally known Navigating Loss event for Saturday and close your weekend with a morning session on Sunday that can include a short workshop, delightful song, and a closing story. Talk with Donna Marie and discuss your event!
“Donna Marie provided such a complete program of music, entertainment, reflection, and spiritual exercises that it allowed me to participate along with my group and not be concerned about any of the logistics. She went above and beyond what we hoped to receive from her, and I would highly recommend her to any organization!”
Rev. Cynthia Park, PhD, Grace Episcopal Church, Gainesville, GA

Donna Marie offers workshops in storytelling, vocal performance, and creative writing process for conferences. Her workshops combine her 35 years of professional writing and publishing experience with her in-depth knowledge of the performing arts and creative process. She is especially gifted and experienced in leading guided visualizations that unlock the inner creative genius of your participants. Contact her.
“Donna Marie is like a warm blanket for your soul. She has the ability to identify with people on an inner level.”Annette Frisby, LifeWay Ridgecrest Conference Center
“We were all charged up from Donna Marie’s GREAT, entertaining, informative, eye-opening, and soul-searching, look-at-things-through-new-eyes workshop!”― Jim Payne, Storytellers’ Wild Week Participant, Wild Acres, Little Switzerland, NC

Donna Marie is a teaching artist who works with learners of all ages. She uses storytelling as a launching pad to supercharge students’ creativity across curriculum areas. Her residency programs engage students’ imaginations and get them excited about creative writing and link back into the curriculum being studied in social studies, music or science to meet multiple common core goals for K-12 set by the US Department of Education. This is integrated learning that kids love! Contact her to learn more about a residency for your school.
“I did residencies with Donna Marie Todd year after year. She levels the playing field to allow all students, regardless of their abilities, to rise to their highest level of creative thought.”― Jim Griffin, 4th Grade Teacher (retired) Black Mountain Elementary, NC

Celebrate your holiday event in style with a live concert! These Christmas and Thanksgiving story concerts are designed to last from 20-45 minutes and are story interwoven with song.
“The singing portions of her stories are so beautiful and eloquent that the listener can hardly believe what they are hearing.” ― Jane Sims, Past President, Florida Storytelling Association

Donna Marie has served as the editor of The Biblical Storyteller magazine for over a decade and is renowned for her ability to bring the scripture to life. The Bible was  originally shared orally as less than 5% of the population in ancient times could read or write and her gifted tellings of the scripture bring this ancient tradition to modern-day worship
“Donna Marie’s storytelling is deeply moving. She is the best in her field because her audience can connect personal experiences to the stories she tells.”Tom Boomershine, PhD, Founder, Network of Biblical Storytellers, International