Donna Marie is an experienced speaker and her keynotes bring authentic, deep, meaningful, and playful encounters with real life to your conference setting. She brings laughter, wisdom, and a depth of insight to each presentation that enlivens participants with new energy and perspective on their lives and work. She believes each person in the room has the power to live a healthier, more meaningful life and that they can use their energy to be of benefit to others. She helps your audience honor the depth of their being and embrace the important role that their life is meant to play in the world.

“Donna Marie is like a warm blanket for your soul. She has the ability to identify with people on an inner level.”
Annette Frisby, LifeWay Ridgecrest Conference Center

She also offers workshops in storytelling, story visualization, crafting personal stories, biblical storytelling, vocal technique, and creative writing. Her workshops combine her 35 years of professional writing and publishing experience with her in-depth knowledge of the performing arts and creative process. She is especially gifted and experienced in leading guided visualizations that unlock the inner creative genius of your participants.

“We were all charged up from Donna Marie’s GREAT, entertaining, informative, eye-opening, and soul-searching, look-at-things-through-new-eyes workshop!”
Jim Payne, Storytellers’ Wild Week Participant, Wild Acres, Little Switzerland, NC