Banana Split Suppers

Sundays were long days for preachers back in the day, but they were even longer for preacher’s wives. My mother sat through the same sermon twice (Poor thing!)and made luncheons for Sunday guests almost every week.
In the days before air conditioning (Good Lord how did we survive?) she’d cook on Saturday so the house could cool down overnight for Sunday lunch. She’d make fancy sandwiches and serve them with a cold pasta salad, tomato aspic, or a molded salad with canned fruit and a sweet icing. But when evening rolled around and the air was thick and sticky, she declared it too hot to cook and made banana splits.
Oh yeah! What’s not to like about three kinds of ice cream piled onto a banana, drizzled with chocolate syrup and crowned by nuts and whipped cream?
The splits were a cooling splurge after a long day of wearing sweaty hose strapped to your body with a rubber girdle. (I’m not sure how we survived those either!)
So on these days when the temperatures rise I know what the ice cream in my freezer wants: It wants to be Sunday night’s banana split supper!