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Donna Marie wants you to know more about the power of storytelling and its possibilities for your women’s retreat, conference, event or school. These articles are introductions to the power of storytelling in self-reflection and spritiual formation, business and health care, education, religion and daily life.

Donna Marie’s reflective writing work about her own life journey  ls now a template for powerful retreat programs.  These story-writing and story-sharing programs provide participants with powerful personal insights, positive feedback and build a new, deeply connected community. Email her to learn more.

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UNCA Lecture Notes

“How to Use Storytelling with Your Clients”

“Congregational Retreats”
“Juicing Up Creative Writing with Students”
“Teaching Native American Culture and Creative Writing with Storytelling”
“Biblical Storytelling in Worship”
“Why You Should Write Story Sermons”


These excerpts come from two new book projects Donna Marie’s is working on now. She is offering unique workshops in the areas of women’s self esteem and healing from tragic illness or death.

“Butterfly Girl”
“My Day With Easy Off”

Read samples from The Biblical Storyteller January 2013, The Biblical Storyteller Outreach 2015, the magazine Donna Marie edits and produces for the NBS Int’l.